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List Of Morals

The following is a list of morals most people can agree on:

  1. Always Tell the Truth
  2. Do Not Hurt Others’ Feelings
  3. Fair Play
  4. Work Hard
  5. Paying a Fair Price
  6. Have Respect for Others
  7. Do Unto Others as you would have them do to you
  8. Forgive Others, for God Forgives us
  9. Admit your Faults
  10. Use Good Manners
  11. Be Kind
  12. Wait your Turn
  13. Always Express your Gratitude
  14. Respect Yourself
  15. Respect your Parents
  16. Return Favors
  17. Ask for Permission
  18. Always Keep Promises
  19. Be Humble, Meek
  20. Do NOT Gossip
  21. Respect Difference
  22. Do NOT envy or be Jealous
  23. Do NOT utter filthy jokes
  24. Always Respect the Rules in Others’ Houses
  25. Turn the Other Cheek
  26. Do NOT Take Bribes
  27. Use NO Violence
  28. Do NOT use gutter language
  29. Do NOT lust after anything that is not yours
  30. Wealth will NOT get you to Heaven

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The BIBLE has the answer