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Hate Groups

1 John 3:10 In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother. (KJV)

The children of God and the children of the devil have opposite and distinct characters. The children of God "fear" (respect, stand in awe of, worship) the Almighty God of the Bible and love His people. The children of the devil have NO fear whatsoever, they ridicule and blaspheme Almighty God, and hate Christians, Jews, or anyone who is not in their own little group. Anyone who continually harbors hate in their heart will eventually stand before the Great White Throne Judgment and hear the verdict: eternity in Hell!

Some Truths About Blacks

Black Slave Origins

First of all, I would like to comment on one thing: many blacks tend to hate whites . . . which is wrong . . . just as it is wrong for whites to hate blacks. Many blacks also blame whites for their past slave trading. But, I have found out that blacks were also responsible for slave trading.

The earliest form of slavery occurred when one African tribe was victorious over another. The victorious tribe sold members of the other tribe into slavery. The earliest slave trading outside of Africa was with Arabia.

The European nation captured innocent Africans for their own purposes. Unfortunately the Africans had adapted to the slave trade and begun to sell themselves to the European nations.

One of the questions raised is: to what extent were the Africans involved on the slave trade? The Doloman tribe became wealthy from the traffic of slaves. Their tribe's enemies were the subjects of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Africans had become captives in their own country and later slaves in other nations. There were unjustly robbed of their freedom, dignity and happiness. These inevitable events were the factors that later created racism and the marginalization of black people. So, according to this, blacks were indeed at least partly responsible for slave trading.

A black racist is:

  • Any bigoted black person, prejudiced against another race, purely on the basis of skin color.
  • Any black person who uses racial slurs against other races, particularly against white people.
  • Any black person who targets white people. It’s OK for blacks to call white people names because of their skin color, but if a white person does it, it’s being a racist.
  • Any black person that is racist against people of other races.

White racism is aggressively prosecuted as “hate-crimes,” while black racism, on the other hand, is often in the open and rewarded. Angela Davis, Louis Farrakhan, and Sister Souljah are among those who have expressed extreme bigotry and anti-white hatred and yet are given thousands of dollars by colleges and universities to lecture on their grounds. Separatist institutions like all-black residence halls, student unions, and graduations that would be judged “racist” if undertaken by whites are deemed “progressive” when members of minority groups engage in such segregation. This is NOT right! I am NOT a racist or bigoted, but right is right and wrong is wrong!

WHY does the news media, prime time TV, Hollywood, and the schools all paint a picture of “hate crimes” being a one way street, of white on black attacks. Crimes committed by whites against blacks are FAR less than crimes committed by blacks against whites. According to Justice Department figures,“85 percent of the crimes of interracial violence are committed by blacks against whites.” I think the Black Liberation Theology and its radical racist preachers are responsible for much of this, and why so many blacks are in prison.


TRUTH is NOT racist, NOT sexist, or NOT prejudiced in any way. It simply is. Only a fool or a liar fears the truth . . . those who are justifying and excusing the behavior of the black racists are both of these, along with hypocrisy and cowardice. The truth is this: no matter how many hissy fits you throw, the rape, looting, murder, and mayhem in America is being committed overwhelmingly by blacks. By blacks who often deliberately target whites. Do you think they'll be charged under Hate Crime Statutes? Hardly!

Black Truths

Blacks are just 13 percent of the population but they commit more than half the muggings and murders in the country, and Hispanics commit violent crimes at about three times the white rate.

Blacks are about 24 % of New York City’s population, yet they committed 68.5 % of all murders, rapes, robberies, and assaults in the city last year.

Although slightly less true now than before, most murders are intra racial.
From 1976 to 2005 --
86% of white victims were killed by whites
94% of black victims were killed by blacks

The Truth About Black Crime

A person just has to look at the statistics to see the truth.

Black men (28.5%) are about six times more likely than whites (4.4%) to be admitted to prison during their life.

Women, 3.6% of blacks and 0.5% of whites will enter prison at least once. (U.S. Department of Justice)

Based on current rates of incarceration, an estimated 7.9% of black males compared to 0.7% of white males will enter State or Federal prison by the time they are age 20, and 21.4% of black males versus 1.4% of white males will
be incarcerated by age 30. (U.S. Department of Justice)

Blacks and Hispanics make up 62 percent of the incarcerated population, though comprising only 25 percent of the national population;

Between 10-15 % of black men are incarcerated in twelve states (Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming)

Black women are incarcerated at rates between 10 and 35 times greater than the rates of white women in fifteen states: Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming; and

Hispanic youth are incarcerated at rates 7 to 17 times greater than those of whites in Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, while the incarceration rate for black youth is between twelve and twenty-five times greater than those of whites in Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Massachusetts, Montana, and New Jersey.

Some details of a study of prison statistics are:

California, which has the 6th largest economy in the world, (including its Silicon Valley), and a population that is 52% nonwhite, and is supposedly on the cutting edge of racial and social tolerance, has a prison population that is 69% nonwhite. And, with a black population that is only 7%, it has a prison population that is 32% Black.

The states that have the largest black prison populations are:

State………....Black Population…….......Black Prison Pop.
Georgia ---------------29%--------------------------- 64%
Ohio ------------------12% -------------------------- 52%
Iowa -------------------2% ---------------------------24%
Minnesota -------------3% ------------------------- 37%
Wisconsin -------------6% -------------------------- 48%
Illinois -----------------15% ------------------------- 65%
Missouri ---------------11% ------------------------- 45%
Arkansas --------------16% --------------------------52%
Louisiana -------------33%---------------------------76%
Mississippi ----------- 36% --------------------------75%
Alabama -------------- 26% --------------------------65%
Tennessee -------------16% -------------------------- 53%
Kentucky --------------7% --------------------------- 36%
Indiana -----------------8% ---------------------------42%
Michigan --------------14% -------------------------- 55%
South Carolina ------ 30% =--------------------------69%
North Carolina ------ 22% ---------------------------64%
Virginia ----------------20% --------------------------68%
Pennsylvania --------- 10% --------------------------56%
New York -------------15% --------------------------51%
Delaware ---------------19% --------------------------63%
Maryland --------------28% --------------------------77%
Connecticut ------------9% ---------------------------47%
New Jersey ------------13% ---------------------------64%
Rhode Island ----------4%--------------------------- 30%

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