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Selfism is a Cult of Self-Worship
Self-Worship Religion is Growing FAST

Three-fourths of today’s society thinks that Christianity is highly extreme and unimportant. The vast majority of Americans (especially the youth) believe that to enjoy yourself is the chief goal of life. And worse . . . about 86 % percent believe that to enjoy yourself you must “pursue the things you desire most.”
And too, 91% support this statement: “To find yourself, look within yourself.”

In today’s world, the chief end of man is to glorify and enjoy himself forever. It certainly seems as if Self-worship is the world’s fastest-growing religion. Self-worship certainly is the world’s oldest (Gen.ch.3). This dreadful religion is at the bottom of many of the most controversial social and political issues of our day.

Six Commandments
These are the sacred commandments of this ancient and still-active world religion:
#1. Your mind is the source and standard of truth, so no matter what, trust yourself.
#2. Your emotions are in control, so never question (or let anyone else question) your feelings.
#3. You are self-governing, so flex your power and bend the universe around your dreams and desires.
#4. You are supreme, so act according to your chief end, to glorify and enjoy yourself forever.
#5. You are the standard of goodness, so don’t let anyone oppress you with the old-fashioned notion of being a sinner who needs grace.
#6. You are the creator, so use that limitless power to craft your identity and purpose.

SELF WORSHIP is at the bottom of many of the most controversial social and political issues of our day.

What or Where is the Problem of Self-Worship?

The big problem with this cult of self-worship, is a total rebellion against the One and Only TRUE Creator God. When we try to be our own source of truth, we slowly drive ourselves batty. When we try to be our own source of peace and satisfaction, we fail miserably. And any time that we try to be our own standard of goodness and justice, we become utterly SELF-righteous, and when we seek SELF-glorification, we become more even more shameful.

WHY?  The answer is simple. NONE of us are God, nor can we ever be God! Created mankind was never meant to trust in SELF, or be defined by SELF, or be satisfied in SELF, nor ever be spellbound by SELF! We were created to admire, love, respect and worship the One and Only Creator God of this Universe . . . Someone who is infinitely more much interesting and awesome than ourselves. Dear one, we become truly our SELF when we are in a state of forgetting SELF. Reverencing SELF is NOT what our awesome God desires for us! We were made to worship GOD, who is Someone really much more interesting and awesome than ourselves.

 More than 35,000 people a year make the inconvenient trek to Nepal’s Mount Everest, 4.5 million to the Grand Canyon, 3.5 million to Yosemite, and 30 million to Niagara Falls. Deep down, we crave the wonders of God’s Creation. We were made for it, and science is slowly admitting this ancient Biblical truth. People feel smaller and less self-important, when they see some of God’s awesome and beautiful creations in this world! I know I come away from His beauty knowing that I am ‘nothing’ when compared to what I have seen.

If we want happier, fuller lives . . . let us be awestruck by something, or Someone, so much bigger and better than ourselves. If we want a lasting effect on a culture that has fallen for the cult of self-worship, we must forget about SELF and re-center our lives on the One and Only God greatly to be feared!
Psalm 89:6-7 For who in the heaven can be compared unto the LORD? who among the sons of the mighty can be likened unto the LORD? 7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him. (KJV)

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