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23 Selfish People Traits, and
What Can We Learn From Them?

God and His Holy Word does not see selfishness as a good quality, and selfish people, by Him are viewed as offensive. . . . SO . . . If selfishness is bad and undesirable, WHY is it that so many people with this characteristic have a good position at work, and that some even live longer than those who value the well-being of others?
I will bring 21 features of selfish people, so maybe we can learn something from them.

Description of a Selfish (me, me, me) Person
1. Their only concern is what they need or want.
2. They want what they think that they are entitled or privileged to have.
3. It is rare that they ever feel repentant or sorry for what they do.
4. They simply do NOT care if there are consequences.
5. It is rare that they ever consider the feelings of others.
6. They will do just about anything to get what they want.
7. These people must be the most important person in the room.
8. Selfish people are never above manipulating anyone.
9. Selfish people simply have an evil self-centered nature.
10. Selfish people simply do NOT share with others.
11. They do exactly what they want, no matter who’s watching.
12. They could care less what you think.
13. They have NO care, concern or compassion for the needs of others.
14. They will never show you their weak side, but if you watch closely, you may figure it out.
15. Selfish people refuse to accept criticism.
16. They refuse to listen to anyone who does not agree with them.
17. They always overvalue their accomplishments.
18. Selfish people don’t care what you say, IF it is not about them.
19. Selfish people always make use of others.
20. They really know how to make a great first impression.
21. They often make self-contradictory and inconsistent statements.
22. No matter how much these people may seem to like you, BEWARE!!!
23. Selfish people always oppose TRUE Christians.

How do YOU identify with selfish people? How do YOU deal with selfish people if you are close to them (family members or partner)?


Becaause it never pays off long-term to be a selfish person, we can see and learn from these 23 selfish people traits, and see and possibly include some of them in our daily lives. True emotional intelligence exists in the balance between selfish and selfless traits. . . . In what area of your life do you feel you could be less selfish?

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