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Is the Word-Faith Movement Biblical?

Absolutely NOT!!!

Word-Faith is absolutely NOT Biblical

Word-Faith teaching is NOT Biblical. It is NOT a denomination, and is NOT a formal organization. It is a FALSE modern movement that is greatly influenced by a great number of high-profile pastors and teachers such as Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Paul and Jan Crouch, Fred Price, etc.

The Word of Faith Movement (or Faith movement) began out of the Pentecostal church. "You name it, you claim it" fit right in with the emerging Pentecostal movement and its emphasis on the supernatural. It is a odd-ball mix of orthodox Christianity and mysticism. Kenneth Hagin made the Word of Faith Movement what it is today. Teachings of different individuals range from heretical to ridiculous, but NOT Biblical!!!

The Word of Faith Movement believes in the "force of faith." Words can be used to manipulate the faith-force, and actually create what they believe the Bible promises (health and wealth).

They believe that the laws supposedly governing the faith-force operate independently of God's sovereign will and that God Himself is subject to these laws. This is utterly ridiculous!!! God is NOT subject to ANY of man's laws!!!

The Word of Faith Movement strays further and further away from Scripture. It claims that God created human beings in His literal, physical image as little gods. GOD the Father is a SPIRIT!!!

Before the fall, they say humans could call things into existence by using the faith-force. But, after the fall humans took on Satan's nature and lost the ability to call things into existence. But, listen to this nonsense as to how they decided to correct this situation!!! Christ Jesus gave up His divinity and became a man, died spiritually, (I tell you that Jesus was/is GOD, He CANNOT die spiritually), then He took Satan's nature upon Himself, went to Hell, was born-again, and rose from the dead with God's nature. After this, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to replicate the Incarnation in believers so they could become little gods as God had originally intended. This in my humble opinion is utterly absurd!!!

They believe that as little gods we again have the ability to manipulate the faith-force and become prosperous in all areas of life. They believe that ALL illness, sin, and failure are the result of a lack of faith, and can be remedied by confession . . . claiming God's Promises for oneself into existence.

To put it in simple, down to earth terms, the Word of Faith Movement exalts man to god-status and reduces God to man-status. Ridiculous! Absolute Blasphemy!

The Word-Faith Movement is a horribly False representation of what TRUE Christianity is all about. The Word of Faith teaching does NOT take into account what is found in the Holy Word of Almighty God!!! How can anyone possibly come up with such absurd beliefs, that are so far off from what the Bible teaches???

Almighty God alone is the Sovereign Creator of the Universe (Gen.1:3; 1 Tim.6:15). He does not NEED faith!!! He is the object of OUR faith (Mark 11:22; Heb.11:3). God is Spirit, and does not have a physical body (John 4:24). Man was created in the image of God (Gen.1:26, 27; 9:6), but this does NOT make him a little god nor does it in any way make him divine. Only God has a divine nature (Gal.4:8; Isa.1:6-11, 43:10, 44:6; Eze.28:2; Psalms 8:6-8). Christ is Eternal, the Only Begotten Son, and the ONLY Incarnation of God (John 1:1, 2, 15; 1:14, 18; 3:16; 1 John 4:1). In Him, JESUS dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily (Col.2:9). By becoming a Man, Jesus gave up the glory of Heaven but NEVER His divinity (Phil. 2:6-7), even though He chose to withhold His power while walking the Earth as Man.

The Word of Faith Movement is deceiving millions of people, causing them to reach for a way of life and faith that is in NO way Biblical. Our hope is only in the Lord Jesus Christ, NOT in our own words, NOT even in our own faith (Psalm 33:20-22). FAITH is a gift of God. (Rom.12:3; Eph.2:8; 6:23; Phil. 1:29), NOT something we create for or in ourselves. BEWARE!!! of the Word of Faith movement, and ANY false teacher in ANY church that aligns itself with Word of Faith teachings.

The Word of Faith Movement is the fastest growing part of those who profess to be Christians today. It is also known as the Positive Confession or "Faith" movement.

Well-known preachers within the movement include Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Robert Tilton, Paul Yonggi Cho, Benny Hinn, Marilyn Hickey, Frederick K.C. Price, John Avanzini, Charles Capps, Jerry Savelle, Morris Cerullo and Paul and Jan Crouch. See bottom of this article for web sites exposing false teachers.

Again, they believe that Faith Is a Force and through faith, we can obtain anything we want . . . health, wealth, success, whatever. That is NOT what the Bible teaches!!!

The Distortion of the Cross

Four horrific, blasphemous atonement-related errors on the part of the Faith teachers can be documented:

(1) Christ was re-created on the cross from divine to demonic. To put it in Faith vernacular, Jesus took on the very nature of Satan himself.

(2) Your redemption was not secured on the cross, but in Hell. In fact, many Faith teachers claim that Christ's torture by all the demons of Hell was a "ransom" God paid to Satan so that He could get back into a universe from which He had been banished.

(3) Jesus was reborn (or born again) in the very pit of Hell.

(4) Christ was reincarnated through His rebirth in hell and that those who (like Christ) are born again can become "incarnated" as well.

These absurd teachings are BLASPHEMY!!!

Faith teachers take Christ, the spotless Lamb of God, and pervert Him into an unholy sacrifice on the cross. May God have mercy on their unholy souls!!!

BEWARE!!! The Word-Faith Movement is a very real danger to your soul!!! It can send your soul to HELL!

BEWARE! False teachers can and will lead you to an ETERNAL HELL!

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